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Pharmaceutical Processing

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Paperless Environmental Monitoring for Aseptic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Sponsored by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

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Air particle counting instruments used for biopharmaceutical environmental monitoring have essentially remained unchanged for many decades. However, every year millions of dollars and countless labor hours are spent on the manually intensive activities associated with paper-based methods. Reams of paper printouts, hours of cutting, taping and manually transcribing data is the norm for mainstream biopharmaceutical manufacturers. All of which result in costly inefficiencies and waste. Perhaps even more critically, these manual methods have been a significant source of human error which cause unnecessary investigations and rework.

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Significant time savings by eliminating waste and errors associated with manual activities.

Highly configurable workflow solutions available to the EM manager mean that existing SOPs can be deployed with minimal or no impact.

The PDF files produced can be configured to closely replicate scanned documents currently being manually produced with paper tape printouts taped directly to paper.

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